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VATSIM's VA Associate Program
posted by Administrator on 2021-12-30

New Longitude Liveries
posted by Florens on 2021-09-22

SOP Now Available
posted by Administrator on 2021-05-20

New flightdeck design available for the CJ4
posted by Sander on 2021-03-10

Excellence is an Official IVAO Virtual Airline
posted by Florens on 2021-02-16

MSFS: Longitude Livery Unveiled
posted by Florens on 2021-02-13

MSFS: CJ4 Livery Unveiled
posted by Florens on 2021-02-06

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There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
EVP2H EFHK LIPB   EVP2 Cessna Citation Longitude ExcellenceCorporate -126fpm
EVP19M EGPF LEZL   EVP19 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -162fpm
EVP19M EHRD EGPF   EVP19 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -269fpm
EVP2H LHBP EFHK   EVP2 CJ4 Excellence Corporate -128fpm
EVP5 LSZR LHBP   EVP5 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -203fpm
EVP2PB LIRZ LHBP   EVP2 CJ4 Excellence Corporate -144fpm
EVP19M LEPA EHRD   EVP19 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -183fpm
EVP100 EHAM LSZH   EVP75 Cessna Citation Longitude Excellence Gen2 -99fpm
EVP5 FGSL EFHK   EVP5 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -177fpm
EVP007 HECA HEMA   EVP70 PMDG 737-700BBJ Excellence (M-EVBA) -229fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Florens EVP2ZP LIRZ 2022-05-12 -90.00fpm 100%
  Alvaro Acuña EVP100 LSZH 2022-05-14 -99.00fpm 84%
  Florens EVP2H LIPB 2022-05-17 -126.00fpm 100%
  Florens EVP2H EFHK 2022-05-17 -128.00fpm 95%
  Mike EVP19M LEPA 2022-05-12 -130.00fpm 93%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Evan United Kingdom United Kingdom Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-05-12
  Alvaro Acuña Columbia Columbia Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-05-02
  Jake United Kingdom United Kingdom Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-04-28
  Moemen Egypt Egypt Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-04-20
  Liam New_Zealand New_Zealand Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-04-09
  Gabriele Italy Italy Zürich Airport, Switzerland (LSZH) 2022-03-27
  Frank van Soldt Netherlands Netherlands Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands (EHAM) 2022-03-12

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